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Become A Donor
Vernon Park Church of God was founded in 1955 while headquartered in a garage by Pastors Claude and Addie Wyatt on the Southside of Chicago

Contact Info

1975 E. Joe Orr Road Lynwood, IL 60411


Deacon Board

  1. Mission statement – Committed to loving God, loving and serving others. Ministering with a purpose: Managing with results, empowering people, act with complete integrity, meeting the needs of our congregation and community, and being accountable for the results of our group.
  2. Leadership: President-Darryle Robinson, Vice President-Mardelle Vanderbilt, Secretary-Jean Townsend, Treasurer-Mildred Robinson, Chaplain-Sallie Harmon

* Currently 13 Deacons
* Early morning devotion service online and In person at 9:30 am each Sunday
* Participate on the worship schedule (offertory prayer)
* Serve at the altar during altar call.
* Communion every Ist Sunday.
* We support bereaved families as needed. Some Deacons serve on funeral programs and we support funerals in and out of church as well as serve repass and some prepass.
* Visit the sick and shut-in, praying and ministering communion.
* Visit hospitals and nursing homes praying and giving communion when it is appropriate.
* As a group we pray on line every 2nd Monday of each Month (for our church, Pastor and First Lady Maura and their families, church leaders and our country, our children, Deacon Board and families. And any other needs brought before us.
* Send cards to sick and shut in – Deacon Sallie Harmon.
*  weekly prayer calls to VP Families.
* Christmas outing 2nd Saturday in December.
* Breakfast outing 2nd Saturday in June