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Vernon Park Church of God was founded in 1955 while headquartered in a garage by Pastors Claude and Addie Wyatt on the Southside of Chicago

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1975 E. Joe Orr Road Lynwood, IL 60411


Hospitality ~ Welcome Ministry


OUR MISSION . . . And to serve the Lord as we give of ourselves by tending to the needs of God’s people and sharing our gifts with ALL who enter His house—that they may be edified and He glorified.
(theme: Rom. 12:13, Heb. 13:2, 1 Pet. 4:9-10)

The Ministry volunteers serve as “greeters,” welcoming all visitors and current members to God’s house with a spirit of love, acceptance, care and concern. We offer ourselves to be used by God to further His Kingdom.

We compose material included in the Welcome packet for first-time visitors; design and oversee the collection of visitor contact information, and host quarterly “Visitor” receptions.

Angela Bailey-Lane, President

Constance Farmer, Vice President

Venita Poindexter, Secretary

Sharon Spates, Asst. Secretary
Wrenetha Poindexter, Treasurer